Friends of Padre Beach Report 11/21/2016

By Cody Moravits

Via Cody Moravits


Air Temp:        mid 60s in the morning warming up to about 80 degrees F

Water Temp:   73 degrees

Wind:              wind picked up early in the morning despite the dead calm conditions before sunrise, 10-15mph SE winds in the morning increasing to 15-20mph in the afternoon

Weed:              no sargassum washing up however there is scattered dead seaweed in various places in the guts the length of the beach.

Water:             sandy green with better looking water south of the 30mm


Driving:           driving at high tide is not advised but 8/10 excellent at low tide, multiple places where 4x4 is needed going around debris, mainly south of the 40mm.

Fishermen reported catches of redfish, spanish mackerel, whiting, stingrays, bluefish, and the occasional pompano. Finger mullet were abundant in the surf south of the 10mm. 

Birds Seen:     


            Peregrine Falcon



            Double Crested Cormorant

            Brown Pelican

            Great Blue Heron

            Herring Gull

            Ring-Billed Gull

            Laughing Gull

            Reddish Egret

            White Morph Reddish Egret


            Black Bellied Plover

            Ruddy Turnstone

            Royal Tern

            Forster's Tern

            Sandwich Tern

            Caspian Tern

            Snowy Egret

            Turkey Vulture


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  • Since being laid upfrom a car hitting mE whilE bicycling these reports arethe only way i learn about my pinS. I miss being there terribly.
    SO thanks so much for posting them.

    BOb RIdenour on

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