Tropical Depression 6 Forms in Bay of Campeche water to the dunes possible 8/26/2013 on local beaches!

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Tropical Depression Six Form in the Bay of Campeche Summary of 4 PM Information Location: 19.5 North, 95.5 West Maximum Sustained Winds: 35 mph Present Movement: West at 12 mph Minimum Central Pressure: 1006 MB / 29.71" Forecast: Tropical Depression Six has formed in the Bay of Campeche this afternoon. The depression is forecast to strengthen to a Tropical Storm (Fernand) later tonight, and will make landfall in the state of Veracruz, Mexico on Monday. The only direct impacts South Texas will experience from this tropical cyclone is an increase in dangerous rip currents along gulf beaches, and possibly water run-up to near the sand dunes during high tide Monday Night. South Texas Impacts: Wave Heights, Swell, and Tides: Wave heights offshore will increase to 4 to 6 feet Monday and Monday Night, with swell periods of 7 to 9 seconds. Tide levels during high tide at Bob Hall Pier have been running near 1.5 Feet MSL. There is a possibility long period swells may push tide levels to near 2 Feet MSL during high tide Monday Night, resulting in water run-up to near the dunes. Rip Currents: A moderate to possibly high risk for dangerous rip currents will occur Monday and Monday Night. The rip currents will be most frequent and strongest near the vicinity of structures such as jetties and piers, but can occur anywhere along gulf facing beaches of the barrier islands. Both the strength and frequency of these rip currents will result in surf that is potentially dangerous for all levels of swimmers. Rainfall: Scattered showers and thunderstorms, not directly associated with this tropical system, are expected across South Texas on Monday. Rainfall amounts between 1/2 and 1 inch are expected Monday, however due to the scattered nature in coverage some locations will receive less, and other locations possibly more.


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