FoP Beach Report 7/18-19/2015

By Tyler Thorsen

This week's report is very similar to last week's. The water is still warmer, but dirty up north.  Clarity  gets better on the south end but the water remains colder. Driving is excellent on low tide with some 4X4 on high tide. No sargassum the length of the beach. Saw whiting, hardheads, and stingrays caught from the surf. Birds observed: Least Tern Royal Tern Caspian Tern Black Tern Sandwich Tern Black Tern Laughing Gull Long-billed Curlew Willet Sanderling Ruddy Turnstone Great Blue Heron Little Blue Heron Cattle Egret Roseate Spoonbill Wilson's Plover beach


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