FoP "Pre-Sharkathon" Report 09/24/2014

By 25

  Air Temp: 84 Water Temp: Warm Wind: 15 NE Waves: 3-4 ft Water Clarity: North end is clear, green in the high banks. Weed: Dead weed covers the beach with new coming in. Driving: Very bumpy!!!!! Jeff Wolda and Billy Sandifer hit the beach this morning for a pre sharkathon beach report.  Made it to the 25 and Billy said, “the only reason I’m going to make it off this beach today is because I forgot my cyanide pills.”  We turned around and headed off. The beach is covered in dead seaweed.  There is one road and it is very bumpy.  Sharkathon already has its first victim.  There is a truck stuck with a broken rear axle that was pulling a pop up camper at the 19 right in the middle of the beach.   For what it’s worth, taking a camper past the 17 right now is NOT a good idea.  Also found a very large gill net just washed in at the 21. The good news, dusky anchovies are thick north of the 8.  Lots of large jacks were observed running the 2nd bar from the 20-25.  One shark was seen in the first gut at the 21.   photo 1  


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