Friends of Padre Beach Report 07/10/2013

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Water 3’ seas Color: trout green. 18” visibility Driving: Mostly 2 wheel drive. No really soft sand. Fresh grass from end of pavement to the 40 mile. No new grass S of the 40. 3 large groups of Skipjacks and birds were observed North of the 25 offshore. No fish or activity observed South of 25 mile other than 2 slot reds caught on top waters. No bait in Southern surf. 5 camps on entire beach. 48 Marbled Godwits, 10 Long-billed Curlews,1 Magnificent Frigatebird, and 1 White-tailed Hawk were observed. A few Common and Forster’s Terns have returned and all typical Tern species are present. Observed first Ring-billed Gull of the season Note: These reports are made possible by your donations. Friends of Padre appreciates your support.  If you would like to help fund these reports please click on the link below


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