Friends of Padre Beach Report 11/22/2013

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Air Temp: 73 Water Temp: 71 Wind: 10 SE Waves: 3-4 ft Water Clarity: Dirty out to 3rd bar Weed: Only weed on beach was at the 17, covered about ¾ of a mile. Plenty of bait in the water with finger mullet in the first gut the length of the beach. Atlantic spots were in the 50’s and getting hammered by fish and birds. With no weed in the water, soaking bait was easy and produced all day. Fishing the last week has been some of the best of the year for Reds and Jacks. Thursday it peaked with 35 reds with only 4 in the slot and the rest bulls, along with 23 large jacks. Driving is excellent except during peak high tide. The beach is getting VERY skinny from the 53 to the 58.5. Getting to the jetty is only possible at low tide unless you drive through the water. Very few birds on the beach with the exception of the Brown pelicans getting fat for the winter on all the migrating finger mullet. This recent cold front will change everything on the beach. Water temperatures have dropped from 71 to 62 as of this morning. They will continue to drop with the cold temps forecasted for the remainder of the week. This should end the mullet migration and the winter fishing pattern should fall into place. JohnMikeCharlie111713 004JohnMikeCharlie111713 008 BrianRobertJay112113 018


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