Friends of Padre Beach Report 12/2/2017

By Tyler Thorsen

Friends of Padre Beach Report

via Aaron Baxter


Padre Island National Seashore

Got on the beach around 0600 and made my way to the 18.5. I was only down for a day trip this time. Driving was excellent at low tide and not too bad at high tide. No 4x4 required to the 18.5. Lots of folks on the beach in the teens and near the blacktop. Water was green/clear. Dead grass/weed in the guts that would eventually be stirred up as the wind increased throughout the day. Winds started calm and built to 10 mph by the time I left the beach at 1530. Fish caught included redfish, whiting, hardheads, small sharks, and pompano.

Birds included:

Great blue heron

Laughing gull

Herring gull

Ring billed gull

Least tern

Royal Tern

Caspian Tern

Ruddy turnstone


Black Bellied plover


Brown pelican


Ducks flying low and fast off the third bar


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