Friends of Padre Beach Report 2/18/2015

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FOP REPORT 021815 Air Temp: 54 Water Temp: 57 Wind: 10 NNW Waves: 3ft Water Clarity: Dirty to 3rd bar. Starting to clear on the north end. Weed: None Driving: Like a highway fop1 Birds: 3 White Tailed Hawks, 7 Caracara, 1 Peregrine, 70 Ruddy Turnstone, 43 Long Billed Curlew, 514 Sanderling Didn’t even bring the rods today. Just wanted to check the conditions after the front. Driving is as good as it gets. No bait was observed in the surf with the exception of 1 large cold stunned mullet. According to the weatherman, today and tomorrow may be the only days to be down PINS due to the weather. Lots of wind starting late tomorrow. The 20th Big Shell Cleanup is Feb. 28th. See you there!!! Check out this huge mullet next to size 11 boot. Capt Sandifer estimated the mullet to be close to 7lbs! fop2


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