Friends of Padre Beach Report 3/05/2016

By Tyler Thorsen

Friends of Padre Beach Report 3/05/2016

Via Jeff Wolda FOP REPORT Air Temp: 72 Water Temp: 69 Wind: 10-15 NE switching to East Waves: 3ft Water: Trout green north of 29, clear south Weed: None Driving: 2 wheel drive to the 19, 4x4 south at high tide Spring arrived early this year. Hopefully it will stay that way. Driving at high tide can be tricky from the 20-30 mile marker. Soft sand and the lack of a consistent road have turned it very soft. FOP1 Spring breakers began to show in force today. Lots of camps on the north end. FOP3 It was a perfect day to be on the beach but, Mother Nature looks like she’s going to put an end to it. Forecast this week is calling for big winds before a cold front on Wednesday that will bring rain and storms for the end of the week. As far as the fishing goes, the south end was the place to be with jacks and Spanish mackerel on top waters and spoons. Saw several very large schools of sheeps head and one of redfish in the 2nd gut. FOP2 Birds observed: Black Terns Sandwich Tern Royal Tern Caspian Tern Curlew Ruddy Turnstone Sanderling Willet Laughing Gull Herring Gull Blue Herron White Tailed Hawk Willet Grackle


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