Friends of Padre Beach Report 3/16/2017

By Tyler Thorsen

Friends of Padre Beach Report 3/16/2017

Via Jennifer Merchant


Took a trip down PINS and the weather was beautiful.  On the way down there we noticed the water was brown and had plenty of sargassum in the water and on the shore.  Driving was good with a few questionable spots.  Once we got passed the 40 mile marker the water was trout green and blue.  Water clarity down south was a 9, with little seaweed.  There is still a bit of a washout at the 58 mile marker.  Waves were 3-4ft.  Tide was only coming close to the dunes around a couple spots.  Winds were about 15mph.  Not too many people down there for Spring Break.  We caught bullsharks, blacktip sharks, redfish and whiting.  Seen people catching bonnetheads, bluefish, and spanish mackerel.  Birds diving in the third gut.  Phytoplankton washed in Tuesday night.









Birds Seen:






Ring billed gull



Rudy turnstone



White tailed hawk












Brown pelican



Double crested cormorant



Least tern



Royal tern



Sandwich tern



Herring gull



Laughing gull



Caspian tern



Blue heron




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