Friends of Padre Beach Report 5/15/2015

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Via Capt. Jeff Wolda Air Temp: 78 Water Temp: 76 Wind: 20 SE up to 40 with storms Water Clarity: Clear Waves: 3-4ft Weed: Very little washing in the length of the beach. Driving: 2 wheel drive the length of the beach (see below) Birds: There were small numbers of birds on the PINS beach today. Many have migrated North to nest and high winds and rough seas didn’t’ help. Black Terns were the most common bird seen with a few hundred seen. Laughing Gulls, Least Terns, Sandwich Terns, Forester’s Terns and Royal Terns were seen in small numbers. Unusual sightings were 12 Red Knots which have been absent on the beach for some time and 5 American Oystercatchers. Regular shorebird species were seen but in very low numbers. Driving was good at low tide until the storms moved in and pushed water up. There is a lot of debris on the beach, mostly wood. With the high water driving is treacherous due to the debris. There will be high tides of almost 2ft in the morning both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. They are also calling for sustained winds near 30mph. The combination of the 2 will cause the water to go over the high road in the mornings and not fall until late in the day so plan accordingly. There is bait the length of the beach. Lots of skipjacks in the surf. Trout, reds and jacks should be in the surf zone if the weather doesn’t blow the beach out. At least 5 more turtle nests were found today.


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