Friends of Padre Beach Report 5/24/2017

By Tyler Thorsen

Friends of Padre Beach Report 5/24/2017

Filed by Jennifer Merchant



Water - 2-3 ft swells with three good sets on Wednesday.  Water clarity was about an 8.  It was trout green with some new sargassum.  We saw a few fishermen shaking clumps of sargassum off of their line.


Driving - Driving is narrow further south with accumulation of old sargassum the length of the beach.  One lane traffic at edge of the dune line during high tides.  Easy driving at waters edge during low tide.


Please keep in mind that this day was a good open window and the rest of the week/weekend calls for swells of 4-6 ft. And winds in the upper 20's.  Please watch the tide changes and drive safe.


Birds Seen:

Cattle Egrets

Blue Heron

Night Hawk



Turkey Vulture

Royal Tern

Rudy Turnstone


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