Friends of Padre Beach Report 6/25/2015

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Via Captain Billy Sandifer The driving is excellent the entire length of the beach and the water is crystal clear from one end to the other. Small amounts of Sargassum were encountered; mostly in the Big Shell area. Dead grass was observed laying on the bottom in some areas in the 30s and 40s areas. Mullet of all sizes were observed in the 40s. No offshore activity was observed and there are few birds as nesting continues at this time. A handful of small Green Turtles were observed patrolling the near waters for food. Whiting are readily available on dead shrimp on the bottom. Trout to 25” were observed but it was almost impossible to get them to hit an artificial. They are feeding on the smallest of the finger mullet so keep your lures small. Earlier PINS guide; Jeff Wolda, reported large schools of menhaden with good numbers of Jack Crevalle, Blacktipped and Bull sharks feeding on them and his charter broke off a Tarpon on a top water on trout tackle. The fishing has been changing dramatically from one day to the next. 6 Long-billed Curlews, 3 Greater Yellowlegs, 2 Black Skimmers, 1 Double-Crested Cormorant, 1 White-tailed Hawk and 1 Caracara were observed as well as Sanderlings, Black-bellied Plover, small numbers of the Summer resident Tern species and a few Laughing Gulls. I anticipate large crowds this weekend so be courteous to each other.


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