Friends of Padre Beach Report 7/24/2018

By Tyler Thorsen

Friends of Padre Beach Report 7/24/2018

FoP Report 7/24/2018

Cody Moravits

Waves: 2 foot in the morning calming to 1 foot or less in the afternoon

Water temp: 81 degrees F

Wind: 10-12 mph SW switching to light SE winds after 12pm

Driving: 6/10 Even though the beach is nice and wide there are a few soft spots above the ledges that have been forming around the water's edge which requires 4x4 on heavier trucks. Fishing was extremely slow with only whiting, hardheads, and bonnethead sharks caught and reported by other beachgoers.

Water was clear and cool the length of the beach but cleaner north of the 30.


Birds observed:

Great Blue Heron

Tricolor Heron

Little Blue Heron

Turkey Vulture

Black Skimmer

Long-Billed Curlew


Ruddy Turnstone

Brown Pelican

Laughing Gull

Sandwich Tern

Black Tern

Caspian Tern

Royal Tern

Forster's Tern

Least  Tern



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