Friends of Padre Beach Report 7/25/2013

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One row of surf early with whitecaps to the horizon in the afternoon. Lots of fresh grass from the end of the pavement to the 36 mile. No or little grass south of there. Very little bait observed and the full moon has everything laying low; as always. Driving was almost entirely hard packed and was good driving. I monitored birds but my recorder died on the way in and I lost the data. Marbled Godwits, a handful of Curlews, Turnstones and Black Bellied Plover were observed. I had a possible Brown Noddy fly by offshore down in the 40s but could not be sure. Lots of Wilson’s Plover and quite a few “Peep” Sandpipers. Capt. Billy The Friends of Padre organization works hard to provide funding and assistance to Padre Island. If you wish to assist our efforts we would greatly appreciate your donations. Our sole mission is to preserve the natural beauty of the island and all it's resources. Please click the donate button below to contribute. You will be directed to a paypal page in order to process your payment.


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