Friends of Padre Beach Report 8/02/2013

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FOP BEACH REPORT 080213 Air Temp: 84 Water Temp: 84 (8mm) 78 (51mm) Wind: 5 SE Waves: 1ft Water Clarity: Crystal clear to the 40. Beach at the 7 mile area FOP080213 006 South of 40 is dirty due to upwelling. Pictured below in the 51 mile area FOP080213 001 Weed: Dead grass and weed length of beach. Not much of an issue. No new weed. Driving: Excellent until the 30 with spots of 4x4 south. Birds: 1 White Tailed Hawk, 12 Curlew, 19 Marbled Godwit, 1100 Black Terns and the normal birds of summer. wthawk 003 Cold water upwelling is still present south of the 40 but is only to the 1st or 2nd bar. Seems to be clearing to the south. Bait is present the length of the beach. Birds started working offshore around 1 o’clock. Note: These reports are made possible by your donations. Friends of Padre appreciates your support.  If you would like to help fund these reports please click on the link below


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