Friends of Padre Beach Report 9/23/2016

By Aaron Baxter

FOP Report 092316


Air Temp:  87

Water Temp: 86

Wind: 10-15 SE

Weed:  None

Water:  Clear

Waves: 2-3ft

Driving: Good

RED TIDE:  There is red tide the last couple of miles of the beach to the jetties.  A few fish were washing in, mostly trout and some already on the beach.  The aerosol effect is moderate.  North of the 57 there is no sign of it as of now.  With winds predicted to be out of the southeast until Monday, the bloom MAY move farther to the north. 


     As far as the rest of the conditions, it’s about as good as it can get.  Water is gin clear and bait is present the length of the beach.   Schools of dusky anchovies are still present, especially on the south end and finger mullet are thick for the first 50 miles.  The fishing was outstanding as well!  Jack crevalle early then blues and sight casting to red fish for most of the day.  Trout were present too but they are getting tougher to find as the jacks have now moved into the surf zone.  All fish were caught on lures. 

     The weatherman is calling for a cold front next week.  As of now, they are saying it should arrive Monday night.  Depending on which station you are watching or which website you look at, some say it’s going to blow and others say it will be a little windy with seas up to 9 feet and others 3-4 foot seas.  If we do have a big blow out of the northeast please note the water will go to the dunes.  With Sharkathon next week there are already many people either pre fishing this weekend or saving their spot for next weekend.  If you’re headed down early for the tourney, I’d keep a real close eye on the weather.  


Brown Pelican

Oyster Catcher

Sandwhich Tern

Least Tern

Caspian Tern

Royal Tern

Herring Gull

Laughing Gull



Black Tern


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