Friends of Padre Report 5/15/2014

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Via Jeff Wolda Air Temp: 82 Water Temp: 73 Wind: 5NE-15SE Waves: 2-3ft Water Clarity: North of the 25 is clearing, south is chocolate milk to the 3rd bar. Driving: Still good to the 6mm. The farther south you go the worse it gets. No road south of the 40. DO NOT DRIVE THE LOW ROAD AT THE WATERS EDGE EVEN AT LOW TIDE!! SINK HOLES DUE TO THE ABUNDANCE OF WEED ON THE BEACH WILL SWALLOW YOUR TRUCK. It appears some people were not aware of this. Hit the beach this morning with the intention of spending a couple of days down range. After a 4 hour grind to get to the 43 I gave up. Driving is as bad as it’s going to get. The only road is the high road. Lots of dead weed in the water and new mats offshore from the 25 south. I did not make a single cast today, did some birding and beachcombing instead. (like I had a choice) Heart, hamburger and mary’s beans were in good supply. We really need a steady SE blow for a couple of weeks to clear things out. To solve the beach driving, I hate to say it but, looks like we need a tropical storm in the gulf to get the storm surge to push everything to the dunes. 051514 028


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