Friends of Padre Report 8/24/2014

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Water is green on the north end and murky south of the 20. Water temp. is warmer on the north end and in the 70s south. Fresh mats of sargassum were coming in from the 40 north. Bait was seen on the north end but was absent on the southern end. They appear to be moving/taking down the rig at the 5 mile. An 8 point whitetail buck was found dead at the 44 mile. No signs of injury. Birds are spotty and the migration is just starting.29 Long-billed Curlew, 6 Yellow –crowned Night Heron, one Tri-colored Her, 40 white egrets (sp) and 6 Little Blue Herons were observed as were good numbers of various plover and Western Sandpipers. Ladyfish a Gafftop Sail Catfish were being caught as well as a few Blacktipped sharks. Driving has improved but there are still plenty of soft and rough spots. deer


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