July Beach Update 7/02/2015

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Via Capt Billy Sandifer We are not making a beach run this week due to the presence of a Cold Upwelling of offshore water impacting all of Padre Island. This event is becoming more common and lasting longer the past few years. There is no way of knowing how long it will continue but short term ( July 4th. Weekend) it will pretty much ruin fishing for all species but hardhead catfish. It turns the water brown, drops the water temp. as much as 10 degrees and the majority of both baitfish and predators leave the area and the surf becomes a “no life zone”. So those of you who plan to visit the beach; don’t plan on catching many fish, if any. There will be few birds as their food source is not present. Driving is o.k. and there isn’t any large amount of Sargassum. Whatever you do; have a Happy 4th. of July. Billy


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