Red Tide Status Update Via Texas Parks and Wildlife 9/25/2015

By Tyler Thorsen

Courtesy of Alex Nunez Red Tide Status Update Reporting Period: September 23 to 25 @1000 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is working with other agencies to monitor a red tide event along the southern Texas coast. The bloom was first confirmed on Sunday, September 13, by the University of Texas Marine Science Institute who collected samples around the fish pass jetties on Mustang Island due to strong aerosols. Water samples collected and analyzed for Karenia brevis densities are given the following designations:  Background = Less than < 1 cell/ml  Very Low = 1 to 10 cells/ml)  Low = 10 to 100 cells/ml  Moderate = 100 to 1,000 cells/ml  High = Greater than 1,000 cells/ml Regional Updates Upper Coast (Sabine Lake, Galveston Bay, East Matagorda Bay, Matagorda Bay):  Image Flow Cytobot at Texas A&M Galveston identified K.brevis cells at background near Pelican Island (Galveston).  Results from water samples collected by TDSHS in Galveston Bay area were 0 cells/mL. Mid Coast (San Antonio Bay, Aransas Bay, Corpus Christi Bay, Upper Laguna Madre) Water samples Gulf Of Mexico  Over the past 24 hrs., the TAMU Image Flow Cytobot at the UTMSI Pier in Port Aransas has reported K.brevis cell densities maintaining at low concentrations.  Water samples collected on Mustang Island are characterized as low.  Water samples from PINS are generally characterized as high densities with cell concentrations increased further south around the 20 mile marker. The northern boundary of PINS was characterized as moderate. San Antonio Bay  Data received yesterday from water samples collected by TDSHS on 9/21/15 identified a bloom around the Port O’Connor area. Cell densities ranged from high, near the mouth of the big jetties, to moderate near Port O’Connor. Aransas Bay  Water samples collected by TDSHS in Aransas and Copano bays came back as background with 0 cells/mL Corpus Christi Bay  Water samples collected by TDSHS in Corpus Christi Bay have ranged from Background to High, with the greatest concentrations observed in Redfish Bay, La Quinta Channel, and the western section of Corpus Christi Bay. Streaking was observed along the southern section of Corpus Christi Bay from TAMU-CC to Ropes Park. Upper Laguna Madre  Results of water samples collected by PINS at Bird Island Basin 0 cells/mL  A water sample collected near Pita Island was identified as High. Fish kills Gulf of Mexico  All planned fish kill assessments have been completed for the week San Antonio Bay  No New Updates Aransas Bay  No New Updates Corpus Christi Bay  No New Reports Upper Laguna Madre  All planned fish kill assessments have been completed Rio Grande Valley (Lower Laguna Madre) Water Samples Gulf of Mexico  Water samples collected along the beach of South Padre Island has maintained moderate to high concentrations, with highest observed at Beach Access Rd 6. Lower Laguna Madre  Water samples collected in the Lower Laguna Madre, near the Convention Center has maintained low cell concentration.  Water samples collected in Brazos Santiago Pass and the Lower Laguna Madre has maintained cell concentration at moderate concentrations. Fish Kill Gulf of Mexico  Fish kill assessments were conducted. Results pending.


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