September 16th 2015 Red Tide Conditions

By Tyler Thorsen

Via the National Park Service and Padre Island National Seashore redtide Current Red Tide Conditions The number of fish washing ashore is growing; photos were taken first thing this morning. We are now receiving reports of mullets, sheepheads, needle fish, and eels washing ashore. Red Tide blooms can last days, weeks, or even months and can change with the weather. Fish are killed by the toxins of these Red Tide blooms, but oysters, clams, mussels, and whelks can be toxic without showing any signs. Mammals can be affected by the toxins released by the blooms. In some cases when a coyote eats fish that washed ashore it can make them sick or even may kill them. Some smaller children will be affected and even pets such as dogs because their lungs are more sensitive than others. Word of Caution during Red Tide: Adults and children with respiratory conditions, please avoid making a trip to or near the beach during Red Tide conditions. If you do decide to take the risk, carry a rescue inhaler with you. If conditions worsen for you seek shelter in an air conditioned building until the respiratory attack passes. People in general affected by the bloom may suffer from coughing, sneezing, and teary eyes; symptoms are temporary. If you still want to go swimming at beach during Red Tide, please take caution. If you start to have burning eyes and skin irritation, please get out of the water and rinse off in fresh water. It is a good idea, if your skin in easily irritated or have eczema, to avoid getting into the water during Red Tide. Also when picking your location to set up on the beach, avoid areas with numerous dead fish. Decomposing fish can increase the bacteria level in that area. You also, do not want to take a chance on stepping on a fish bone and cutting yourself, this will most likely lead to an infection. If you already have a wound it can easily get infected by the waters. Remember this is just a word of caution, and we will keep Facebook updated about the conditions of Red Tide. #RedTide (NPS Photo)


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