Texas Turtle Nest Update 5/31/2018

By Tyler Thorsen

Via Dr. Donna Shaver


Yesterday, 28 Kemp’s ridley nests were found in Texas, including 11 found at Padre Island National Seashore, 4 on South Padre Island, 3 on North Padre Island north of Padre Island National Seashore, 3 on Surfside Beach, 3 on Brazoria County north of Surfside, 2 on Mustang Island, 1 on Boca Chica Beach, and 1 on Quintana Beach.


So far this year, 193 nests have been confirmed on the Texas coast including (north to south in state):

0 Bolivar Peninsula

0 Galveston Island

3 Brazoria County, N. of Surfside 

6 Surfside Beach 

1 Quintana Beach 

1 Bryan Beach 

1 Brazoria County, N. of Sargent Beach 

0 Sargent Beach 

5 Matagorda Peninsula 

0 Matagorda Island

5 San Jose Island

10 Mustang Island

110 North Padre Island, including 99 at Padre Island National Seashore

47 South Padre Island

4 Boca Chica Beach 


So far this year, 1 nest has been confirmed on the Texas coast including (north to south in state):

1 Galveston Island


Data presented here are preliminary. Do not cite or quote without permission. Contact Donna Shaver for further information.


Updates regarding nesting are also posted at the Padre Island National Seashore website: www.nps.gov/pais


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