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Air Temp: 72FOP 040613 001 FOP 040613 004 FOP 040613 006 Water Temp: 68 Winds: 15-20 SE Waves: 3-4 ft Water Clarity: Green Weed: 0-30mm has old weed at high tide line with little in surf. 30-60 new weed moving in with new and old at high tide line. Driving: 2 WD the length of the beach. Some soft areas forming at the 17 and in lower 20’s. A small Green Sea turtle was found by turtle patrol on my way south to the jetties at the 37. It was missing its front left flipper. I gave the turtle patrol a bucket with fresh Sargassum in the bottom to take the turtle to the shack at the 39. Amos came and picked it up. No update on if it made it. Driving north from the jetties I came across a large dead turtle washing in at the 57. It appeared to have been dead for some time. No visible injuries such as a shark bite. Notified turtle patrol heading north at the 52. There were very few birds on the beach outside of the regulars. Only exception was 60 American Avocet at the 46. Did see 2 Curlew over the 60 miles. No birds of prey.


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