Friends of Padre Beach Report 07/03/2013

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Air Temp: 85 Water Temp: 81 Wind: 5 E Waves: 1ft Water Clarity: Clear the length of the beach. Weed: New weed coming ashore from the 48-55. Driving: It's starting to get soft, even on the north end at high tide. The farther south you go the more 4x4 is needed. The beach is gone during high tide at the 58.5. Water goes to the dune on a normal high tide there. Birds: 16 Marbled Godwit, 6 Curlew, 5 Black Skimmers, 2 Whimbrel plus the normal birds of summer. Bait is present the length of the beach. Large schools of Dusky Anchovies are moving in, especially from the 25-45. Ladyfish and small Jack Crevalle are hammering the schools. Speckled Trout have shown back up after the cold water upwelling. They are not in big numbers but good in size. Slot reds can be caught on plastics in the first gut early in the morning. The crowds are already showing up on the beach for the long 4th of July weekend. Please remember to slow down around camps. Kids have no idea of their surroundings while on the beach and can pop out of nowhere. The weather looks great this weekend for spending it on the beach and doing a little fishing. Put your trash where it belongs. There are several abandoned camps with tents and trash left for others to pick up. FOP070313 0012rp9mph (2)


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