Friends of Padre Beach Report 11/04/2017

By Tyler Thorsen

Friends of Padre Beach Report 11/04/2017

Friends of Padre Report


Cody Moravits           

Air Temp:        Mid 70s in the morning warming up to the upper 80s by the afternoon

Wind:              Winds stayed around 10-12 mph until about mid morning then increased to 15-20

Weed:              No sargassum observed washing up the length of the beach

Water:             Water was brown south of the 45mm all the way to the jetties.

There were areas of looking water that was slightly sandy green on the north end of the beach mainly from the 15-25mm. 73 degrees F water temp.


Driving:           Driving was excellent the whole length of the beach during low tide. Didn't need to use 4x4 once. Low tide was around 9am and high tide was predicted to be at 2am. 4x4 would probably still be needed to get around 2 or 3 large trees still on the beach if driving at high tide.

Fishermen reported mainly catches of redfish, large gafftop, whiting, hardheads, and smaller blacktip and bull sharks. Very very few mullet seen and cast-netted in the surf, especially south of the 25mm.


Birds Seen:     


            Peregrine Falcon

            Northern Harrier

            Turkey Vulture

            Double Crested Cormorant

            Brown Pelican

            Great Blue Heron

            Great Egret

            Herring Gull



            Ring-Billed Gull

            Laughing Gull

            Reddish Egret

            White Morph Reddish Egret


            Black Bellied Plover

            Piping Plover

            Ruddy Turnstone

            Royal Tern

            Forster's Tern

            Sandwich Tern

            Caspian Tern




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