Friends of Padre Beach Report 6/10/2015

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via Captain Billy Sandifer Water is crystal clear from one end of the beach to the other. Bait fish are not nearly as abundant as they were last week altho there are scattered schools of finger and pony mullet. One very large shoal of big mullet were seen in the second gut at the 36 mile mark. Pompano, whiting, trout and skipjacks were present. [caption width="1023" align="alignnone"] The beach is spectacular with the light winds and high pressure.[/caption] The trout are extremely difficult to get to hit an artificial lure so it was a slow grind althoough several big trout were seen that had no interest. [caption width="1023" align="alignnone"] Billy with a 20" speckled trout.[/caption] A fresh dead large Blacktip was laying on the bank in the Little Shell and a 6 foot Scalloped Hammerhead was laying dead at the 50 mile mark. These are game fish in Texas and it is against the law to kill them and leave them laying. They must be filleted or returned to the Sea. Special care must be taken to keep the Hammerhead alive. Don’t take them all the way out of the water and get your pics and the hooks out as quickly as possible or they will die. [caption width="1024" align="alignnone"] Scalloped Hammerhead at the 50 mile mark.[/caption] One Ridley Turtle was found nesting. Small Green Turtles have been abundant South of the Big Shell but only one was seen today. Birds are in very low numbers which is typical for mid June. A few of the regulars were seen along with Royal, Least, Sandwich, Forster’s, and Black Terns were present in low numbers. 3 sub adult Herring Gulls were observed. The large number of Black Terns seen last week have gone and continued their migration North. One Spotted Sandpiper was observed. Soft spots are present from the Big Shell South as the sand dries and it is especially soft from the 50 mile beach to the jetties. There is a extremely soft place at the 54 mile that will test your 4 wheel drive and your driving skills. Forecast rain through next Wed. may help by packing the loose sand. Slow down when passing camps and watch for nesting turtles. Have fun and be safe.


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