Friends of Padre Beach Report 8/17/2015

By Tyler Thorsen

Friends of Padre Beach Report  8/17/2015

FOP REPORT 081715 via board member Jeff Wolda Air Temp: 84 Water Temp: 84 north and south end Wind: Calm morning, 10 out of the east late morning, 15 SE early afternoon Waves: 2-3ft Water: A little sandy early then clear after noon Weed: None Driving: High tides over night along with storms off shore pushed the water up over the road down south causing some 4x4 early. Beach conditions have remained consistent over the last couple of weeks. Driving is excellent on the north end but, south of the 22 at high tide does require some 4x4. Bait the length of the beach includes mullet and schools of dusky anchovies coming in early in the afternoon. As the dusky anchovies move in so do the skip jacks. There were very few birds on the north end of the beach today with the exception of the regulars. From the 35 south the black terns and pelicans are lined up on the beach waiting for the schools of bait to come in. FOPterns FOPbirds Fishing was excellent this morning with trout caught on top waters until the wind shifted out of the east around 10 and it was over. FOPtrout Birds observed: Black Terns Sandwich Tern Royal Tern Caspian Tern Curlew Ruddy Turnstone Sanderling Willet Laughing Gull Herring Gull Black Bellied Plover Blue Herron Willet Grackle And Caracara FOPcara


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