Friends of Padre Beach Report 8/30/2013

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Air Temp: 88 Water Temp: 88 Wind: 5-10 SE Waves: 1-2 ft Water Clarity: Clear except from the 5-18 it’s dirty just past the 1st bar. Weed: The length of the beach has new and old weed in the first gut. The farther south you go the less there is but, until you get to the 58 it’s thick. With the SE winds it should all start moving to the north and clearing south. There is new weed coming in offshore. If it wasn’t for the weed, fishing would be crazy good this weekend. Bait lines the beach from one end to the other. Mullet of all sizes fill the 1st and 2nd gut in places. Dusky Anchovies are getting hammered by birds and fish. Jacks were blowing up bait in the first and second gut from the pavement to the 40. Most were small but there are some monsters cruising the first bar. Lots of sharks in the first gut early in the upper 20’s. Mostly black tips but I did see 2 decent Bulls at the 28. Caught Reds and trout today. All on the southern end and sight casted. Reds are showing up in good numbers and they are fat. The weed has been coming ashore for a week now. There are a couple of sink holes starting to form between the 8 and 12. This could be a real issue in the coming weeks with all the weed washing in. Be careful driving at the water’s edge over the weed. I could make for a long day. Those looking to make a run to the jetty for the weekend, it’s already packed with people. Birding was fair today. 9,230 Black Terns, 310 Cattle Egrets, 21 Curlew, 2 Marbled Godwit, 2 Caracara, 1 Night Heron, and the normal birds of summer. FOP083013 003 FOP083013 018


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