Friends of Padre Beach Report February 9th 2014

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Jeff Wolda filed this report: Air Temp: 59 Water Temp: 51 Wind: 5-10 NE Waves: 2-3 ft Water Clarity: Clear the length of the beach Weed: None Driving: Excellent at low tide, some 4x4 at high tide Went to the jetties and back with fellow board member Tyler Thorsen. Best water I’ve seen all winter as far as clarity. Threw lures all day looking for trout without a bump. We did see one camp in Big Shell with a black drum on the beach. Only fish we saw all day. Zero bait in the water. 13 Curlew, 1 White Tailed Hawk, 1 Caracara and 5 white tailed deer. A dead dolphin at the 17.5 mile mark and a look at Big Shell as the tide came in. fop4 fop3 fop2 fop1


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