Friends of Padre Beach Report for P.I.N.S. 8/06/2014

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From Jeff Wolda and Captain Billy Sandifer Air Temp: 85 Water Temp: Warm (forgot the temp gauge) Wind: 10-15 SE Waves: 1-2ft Water Clarity: Gin clear to the 50 then dirty to the 1st bar Weed: None Driving: 4x4 from the 25 south at high tide, excellent at low tide Jeff Wolda and Billy Sandifer hit the beach today to get a beach report done and find some trout. We found them and ended up with 9. Could have been more if we had dug into the tackle bag for something other than top waters but we are stuck in our ways. Also caught 1 jack on top waters. It was nice to have some wind today to get the water moving again after 3 days of dead calm and no water movement. There is bait the length of the beach. Zero offshore action seen from the beach. I really don’t want to jinx it but, that cold water thing, it’s gone! billy080614-1 billy080614-2


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