Friends of Padre Report 7/22/2014

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Air Temp: 82 Water Temp: 0mm-88.1, 5mm-80.6, 10mm-79.1, 15mm-79.1, 20mm-77.9, 25mm-75.5, 30mm-73.7, 35mm-72.8, 40mm-72.5, 45mm-75.5, 50mm-77.3, 55mm-73.4, 58.5mm-75.1 Wind: 5-10 SE Waves: 2-3ft Water Clarity: Sandy and clear to the 50. Green from 50 to the jetty. Photo taken at the 32. FOP072214 011 Driving: Some 4x4 at high tide south of the 20. Good late in the day at low tide at the water’s edge. There are still some good sink holes in the mid 20’s. At the 56mm the surf comes high on the beach. There is a road over the high ground to get around it at high tide. 4x4 only! FOP072214 002 At the 58.5mm the surf is up to the dune line and is not passable unless at low tide or, like some I’ve seen, you can drive through the water. It is a hard bottom. Not recommended!! FOP072214 006 The water temperature last week was between 82 and 88 the length of the beach. 9 charters in 10 days produced large numbers of reds and trout. Fished all the spots that were producing before the upwelling today and only had small whiting hitting plastics. I did catch 2 trout very early about 400 yards from the pavement on topwaters. Bait was thick north of the 5 and a rare sight south of the 15.


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